Multi RTP Transmitter
  Full hardware MPEG TS multi channel RTP transmitter. Multi RTP Transmitter  

The MVD Multi-RTP transmitter allows the transmission of several RTP streams on an Ethernet Network.
MVD UDP/IP Stack is mandatory for using MVD Multi-RTP Transmitter.
The maximum number of RTP output channels depends on FPGA resources, input bit rate and Ethernet speed connection.

  • Drop-in module for Spartan™-6, Virtex™-7, Artix™-7, Kintex™-7 an Zynq™ Xilinx FPGAs
  • Companion core of the UDP/IP Stack
  • MVD UDP/IP Stack is mandatory to use this core
  • RTPv2 encapsulation
  • Supports only MPEG-TS payload Type
  • From 1 to 7 MPEG-TS Packet per UDP / RTP Packets (configurable)
  • Can support from 4 to 32 independent RTP Channels
  • Possibility to bypass RTP Encapsulation to perform simple UDP Encapsulation for application which requires only UDP Transmissions
  • Netlist version available for ISE and VIVADO

MVD Multi-RTP transmitter is especially developed to transmit several MPEG-TS RTP Stream on a routed
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