Note d'application - From MPEG-TS to RF using MVD FPGA IP cores + Analog Devices AD9789 2.4 MSPS TxDAC
From MPEG-TS to RF using MVD FPGA IP cores + Analog Devices AD9789 DAC
This is another efficient way to build a complete single or multi channel (up to four) DOCSIS, EURODOCSIS, DVB-C, Cable modulator (CMTS) or DVB-T modulator + RF Up converter.

AD9789 : It's a 16-bit, 2400 MSPS DAC and supports up to 4 channels. It receives the data of the 4 sources from the low cost FPGA in base band. The Digital Upconverter can place the channels from 0 to 0.5 x fDAC. This permits 4 contiguous DOCSIS channels to be synthesized and placed anywhere in the DOCSIS band.

A CPU is needed to configure the AD9789 parameters (serial link). MVD IP cores base band outputs are connected to the AD9789 DAC.

For parameters setting and PCB recommendations, see Analog Devices AD9789 datasheet and app notes.

This solution supports up 4 channels. RF engineering is greatly simplified by using advanced digital techniques that reduces the analog RF part of the design to very few components.

Compact and high performance design can be achieved at reasonable engineering and production cost.

In order to allow customers to test this solution, we have developped an evaluation board, MVD-EV9789-V3 which converts an MPEG TS stream into an IF or RF signal and supports most of the digital TV standards (DVB-C, J.83B, DVB-T, ATSC, DVB-S, ...).