N-SPTS to 1-MPTS Multiplexer
  The N-SPTS to 1-MPTS Multiplexer core performs ATSC or DVB standard mixing of up to 32 incoming SPTS stream. N-SPTS to 1-MPTS Multiplexer  

The MVD N-SPTS to 1-MPTS Multiplexer IP core performs ATSC or DVB standard mixing of up to 32 incoming SPTS stream.

The input supports 188 to 255 byte frames with a maximum frequency of 13.5MHz for 108Mbits/sec.
The output is clocked from an MVD_DVBx core (in slave mode) or by itself (in master mode) with a maximum frequency of 14 MHz for 112 Mbits/sec.

The rate conversion is made through a smoothing FIFO memory (1 BRAM: up to 10 frames).

A 32-bit CPU interface is available for core control. By default the core can start up without CPU initialization; in this case, no modification is done into the stream (no conflict is managed, user must take care to incoming stream features).

  • Drop-in module for Spartan-6 and 7-Series FPGAs in charge of mixing DVB/ATSCtables and payload for SPTS stream
  • Incoming stream analysis, captures ATSC/PSIP or DVB/PSI/SI sections, PMT sections and extracts needed stream parameters
  • A processor interface allows to control the CORE configuration and to get basics information such as incoming bitrate, outcoming bitrate, useful payload bitrate, current FIFO state, for the general purpose part. In addition, it allows downloading PSIP/PSI/PMT tables, solving serviceID and PID conflict between inputs
  • The N-SPTS to 1-MPTS Multiplexer manages the generation of output tables: new PAT, VCT, SDT, updated MGT and PMTs (when required)
  • Full synthesizable RTL VHDL design  (not delivered) for easy customization
  • Design delivered as Netlist

The N-SPTS to 1-MPTS Multiplexer may be used in applications related to transmodulation (from encoder to ATSC terrestrial channel or DVB-T terrestrial channel) or for video acquisition in case of completion of information.
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