Adaptive MPEG TS bitrate
  The Adaptive MPEG-TS core allows to increase or reduce the MPEG TS rate by addind or filtering NULL packets.  

The Adaptive MPEG-TS core is a drop-in module for increasing or reducing the MPEG TS rate by adding or filtering NULL packets.
Input and output can be slave or master. In the last case, rate can be programmed.
  • The core provide counters such as:
    • input bandwidth
    • output bandwidth
    • input payload
    • smoothing FIFO usage
  • Large smoothing FIFO to optimize the bandwidth of the output rate.
  • Supported FPGA families: Spartan®-6, Virtex®-6/7, Kintex™-7, Artix™-7, Zynq™
  • 1 SPI input / 1 SPI output
  • Compliant with DVB and ATSC standard
  • Converts an MPEG TS constant mux rate into another (higher or lower)
  • CPU configuration and monitoring interface
  • Full PCR re-stamping
  • External or internal output mux rate
  • Input and payload bandwidth estimation
  • Output smoothing FIFO
  • Smoothing FIFO can be implemented as block RAM or external ZBT memory
  • Configurable size of the smoothing FIFO
  • Full synthesizable RTL design (not delivered) for easy customization
  • Netlist version available for ISE 14.1 and later versions

Adaptative MPEG-TS bitrate may be used in applications related to transmodulation.
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