IPTV Transmitter
  IPTV Transmitter  
  An IPTV Transmitter can be built from several MVD IP cores.
The IPTV Transmitter gets MPEG TS streams and sends them in UDP/RTP packets to an Ethernet link
IPTV transmitter block diagram  

The IPTV Transmitter is made of

  • n x MPEG TS inputs (DVB-SPI or DVB-ASI)
  • 1 x Ethernet 100/1000 output
    (the maximum number of UDP/RTP channels depends on the FPGA resources, Ethernet speed connection and bit rate of input flows)

For detailed features of each of IP cores used, please refer to their related web pages or to products briefs below.



A bi-directional IPTV Transmitter/Receiver can also be considered (see IPTV Receiver)
In this case, the UDP/IP Stack IP can be instanced once only.

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