Communication protocols
Ethernet UDP/IP stack Full hardware UDP/IP stack
RTP Transmitter Full hardware RTP transmitter
Multi RTP Transmitter Full hardware Multi RTP transmitter
RTP Receiver Full hardware RTP receiver
Multi RTP TS Receiver Creates DVB-SPI compliant stream from a UDP/(RTP) CBR Ethernet stream where MPEG-TS packets are not sent regularly (packets come in bursts) orsuffer from jitter.
TS Jitter Cleaner De-burst and de-jitter of MPEG-TS packets
MDIO STA Management Interface MDIO Management for external PHY Ethernet
UDP CPU Interface - Companion core MVD IP cores setting via Ethernet network (UDP/IP stack companion core)
SAP/SDP Inserter SAP/SDP Inserter
IP over DVB Encoder (RFC4326) IP over DVB Encoder (RFC4326)
IP over DVB Decoder (RFC4326) IP over DVB Decoder (RFC4326)
High speed links
High speed links Multi-Gigabit transceivers Custom designs with Multi-Gigabit serial I/O
PCI Express Hardware & Software solution Under development
RS232 Serial Interface Allows parameters setting and status reading of MVD Cores IPs